The following will be incorporated to you bulk sms and voice messages account.

  1. Having all communication in one place.
  2. Facebook Messenger and Push added to FLOW.
  3. Improved analyze format.
  4. Overview of communication efforts.
  5. Important notice on the impact on your existing campaigns(SMS).

    All communication efforts organized in one place

    You can organize your communication for any channel over the same module. We simplified the approach and introduced the same look and feel across all communication organization, regardless of the channel. It will speed up the onboarding of your employees for creating communication activities, as they will have the same look and feel across communication organization tools.

    All of your messaging activities will be divided into flows and broadcasts. If you wish to send a single, one-way campaign, you will use broadcasts. If you wish to create an interactive campaign you will need to use flows.

    sms and voice messages

    sms and voice messages

    Facebook Messenger and Push added to FLOW

    All of your OMNI messaging will now begin with the newly created FLOW. FLOW will now have two new channels you can use to create communication flows. You will now be able to create both Facebook Messenger and Push notification flows and include them in your OMNI channel communication activities. Both channels will enable you rich messaging (such as images and emojis) with interactive options.

    Please note that all of your OMNI campaigns will just be renamed to FLOWS. There will be no data migration and their statuses will remain the same.

    New analyze format

    When you reach the end of your communication organization, you will get your effort summary. What information will the summary provide you with?

    • Understanding the message appearance on a mobile phone or in a browser (for email). You will get an instant preview of how the message will look like.
    • Checking if the budget fits the total expenses. You will see the total number of recipients, messages, and related costs.
    • Checking if your communication is in sync with general communication activities and deadlines. You will see options like scheduled date, validity period, delivery time window, and delivery speed.

    There will also be an alerting section that will serve as the last checkpoint in case some details are missing. It will notify you on information such as:

    • Missing sender.
    • Exceeded number of characters per message.
    • Missing recipients.

    To get an idea how it will look like, view the image below.

    Overview of all communication activities

    Another novelty of Communicate is the overview of all activities. In a single location you will have:

    • Information regarding communication name, status and time created.
    • Metrics about traffic and expenses per communication effort.
    • Analysis of communication.

    This will ease communication control. You will be able to simply check your expenditures, ongoing and scheduled communications and total amount of traffic. Depending on the status of the communication, you will be able to check the completion status and the reason for the communication being on pause.

    Find out how this will impact your existing campaigns

    There are a couple of important impacts we need to point out.

    1. All of the campaigns you had till now through different modules (Voice, email, SMS, etc.) will now be showcased on one page. All of them will be under the Communicate Activities Overview.
    2. All of your bulk campaigns will be converted to broadcasts, but don’t worry, they will continue as normal.
    3. Your interactive templates will now become draft FLOWS.
    4. All of your interactive campaigns will be stopped and transferred into CANCELED flows. Which campaigns are considered to be interactive campaigns? All SMS campaigns that have 2-Way SMS interactions, all Voice campaigns with DTMF collect option, continuous Push campaigns and Geo Push campaigns.

    How to activate it again? Just duplicate the campaign and launch it. Do not know how to duplicate campaign? See where it is in the image below.